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What is Islam ?

Islam isn't just a religion, it is a way of life. When an engineer designs a system, he would also write a user manual that clarifies the best way it can be used. We believe that the Quran and Islam are sent from God to teach and guide us humans to live the best life we can have and to fully fulfil the ultimate purpose of this life.

We believe that human's purpose in life is to worship God by following his commands, guidelines and interdictions. These guidelines aren't just limited to how we pray but it extends to every aspect of life.

For example, Islam governs Muslims's economy to ensure that the poor won't always stay in need. Islam is about ethics, it is the real core of the religion. The prophet of Islam (Muhammed) was always known for being a remarkably ethical man. A man whose nickname was "The truthful, the honest" even before the prophecy. Islam guides people through different aspects of life ranging from politics, throughout personal matters and till how you shall treat the surrounding environment.

Islam and logic

The Islamic canonical law (known also as Sharia) has some areas where there are clear fixed rules, other areas where deductive analogy can be used (Qiyas), and some areas where independent reasoning is required (Ijtihad). This flexability ensures that this framework would always be applicable and extensible to address different humanity problems and needs throughout time!

Islam and science

Islam is a religion that embraces true science, encourages its believers to seek and learn new things. The first verse of the holy book of Islam (The Quran) is READ!. The 'scientific method,' as it is understood today, was first developed by Muslim scientists" like Ibn al-Haytham and Al-Biruni, along with numerous other Muslim scientists. It is a fact that the basic of most of the current sciences have been developed during the Golden Ages across the different parts of the Muslim civilization.

Lastly, everything in Islam has to be understood and analyzed given its context. Otherwise, it will be easy to misinterpret and distort the noble meaning and targets of this beautiful religion.

Salam (Peace) !