My reflections on Careem Deal with Uber

I still remember when I was very happy to see Souq acquired in 2017 anticipating the potential, this will bring to the region.

Now, after the acquisition of Careem, this will create a ripple effect which will isA change the whole region. It won't just open the door for a lot of new tech startups to grow and flourish and exit on high valuations but many will continue till their IPO.

These 3.1 B$ will massively motivate many people to come to the region to build and innovate new solutions for our problems. We already may have a couple of companies that got millions in funding but surely this will turn on the green light for more and more successes.

Careem has set an example for how to build a successful tech startup in the region and certainly, there are a lot of lessons that will guide a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs towards more similar success stories.

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