The day when I knew the meaning of true learning

Last week , I had a lecture to attend in AUC “American University in Cairo”. The lecture was given by Sean Griffin, Kristen Bergman, Darren Fuqua. In fact, it wasn’t a usual lecture like those one attends every day in college or like the lectures and sessions organized inside events or trainings.

It was the first time for me to attend a lecture given by three persons at the same time !! Really it was very useful to gain from the knowledge of three persons and they really tried their best to share their experiences with us.

Inside my college , I really preferred the way that Prof. Ahmed Refat Azmy used while giving his lectures. He used to listen to our questions and inquiries whatever they were. I don’t think that he tried to mock anyone asking him and I was proud of being his student. His teaching methods tried actively to involve us in the learning process. It was a different experience and I really loved that. But this doesn't relate to the fact that I got an excellent in that subject :D .

Back to AUC's lecture , If I said that Prof. Ahmed tried to involve us inside his lecture , Mr. Sean Griffin –The main lecturer- created his lecture from students contributions.

At first , he asked about the problems any entrepreneur face before launching their project and  he involved us in a discussion about how we can overcome these problems.

The thing that amaze me is that he didn’t ignore any contribution , he wrote them all and tried to make them more related to the topic. I will share the obstacles and the suggested solutions with you.


What holds us back :

1- Laziness                                                                      2- Lack of money

3- Lack of Knowledge                                                      4- Fears of loss and failure

5- Corruption                                                                   6- Strong Competition

7- Cost of opportunity                                                     8- Stereotype

9- Bad management                                                       10- Legal Issues

11- Beaurocracy                                                              12- Social Boundaries

13- Bounding Team

How to overcome :

1- Create a stable market.

2- Learning communication skills

3- Talk less , listen more.

4- Trust in yourself. Just do it.

5- Choose your team members carefully.

6- Try to benefit from experience of others.

During the session , I really was pleased to see a lecturer who can successfully mix all the ideas and contributions of the attendees. It was a nice experience and I hope to repeat it soon. Thanks Mr. Griffin , you showed me a unique technique that made learning fun.

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