The remote-work startups' wave

Two months ago, I posted about why I think the current situation will change the perspective of many people about remote work.

These days we are witnessing a dramatic change coming into effect with companies like Twitter and Facebook spearheading the trend and questioning many of the things we used to take for granted like the correlation between collaboration, productivity, and working from an open and noisy workspace. Additionally many companies are now setting new processes to adopt to the new norm.

The next stage, in my opinion, could be a new wave of  business and work tools that put online collaboration at the center of its functionality.

A couple of years ago, Microsoft Word was the go-to tool for editing and proof-reading when everyone was mainly using a desktop for most of the writings, a few years later, we got Grammarly, a $1B+ startup which maybe is offering some similar functionalities but it is an ubiquitous tool that is available everywhere and is centered around the writing on the web experience which is what most people are doing now. New opportunities will emerge  for those who can understand them and act ASAP.

Innovation come from the trial and error. But someone has to be bold to try and it seems we have few companies that already started. Overtime, we will see few issues and problems while trying to adapt our current tools to the new reality and that is where the new opportunities will emerge. As a believer in the usefulness of working from home and working remotely, I'm so excited for what is coming and hopeful that this will help us all be more productive and have a balanced life and that this revolution could reach other industries soon.

Edit: I will add a list of the interesting new tools for remote work.

  • Krisp, With a single button, It removes all background noises for incoming and outgoing calls. Increase your productivity by having professional and noiseless conference calls.

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  • mmhmm, your personal video presence!

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